Our company exists to glorify God by providing high

quality service and products and conducting our

business with the utmost integrity!

We offer competitive pricing on new and used ice machines and service after the sale.

About Us

Founded in 1975 by Ray Nobles, our company was called Modern Service Company which serviced a full line of restaurant equipment. As the company grew over the years, Ray recognized that ice machines were more time-consuming and difficult to service than other equipment. Therefore, he trained his son Jeff to be an ice machine specialist. 

In 1995 they formed The Ice Man, Inc., a company that specializes in ice machines and offers a full line of products and complete service from installation to repairs. Jeff now owns the business and continues to follow his father’s vision of a company founded on the integrity of its service. 


Service, flexibility, and competitive pricing make our leasing program the perfect choice for many applications. 


The foundation of our company since its beginning over 30 years ago has been to provide our customers with the best service possible. 


The Ice Man, Inc.